Its the figures from the historic West that inspire my paintings.  I get a joy and an excitement out of creating these endearing people living in the magnificent landscapes of the West.  Its their energy, vigor, spirit, and simple joy of living that I strive to capture.

     I grew up drawing, dreaming of being a cartoonist way back in high school.  I studied painting in Raleigh, with Alia El-Bermani, at the Raleigh Institute of Contemporary Art and at ArtSpace.  (Alia now teaches at her own studio; Alia Fine Art Studios).  

         Though I occasionally respond to disasters in such places as Iraq and Haiti with a medical disaster team, I enjoy painting almost every day.  My wife and I live in the beautiful North Carolina mountains, though frequent trips put us often in the Western U.S.  I'm also often working my horses; Charlie, a hardheaded reiner, and Jed, a cowy 3 year old.